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NSTC International Internship Pilot Program

For international students to experience Taiwan’s strengths in the field of S&T, National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) provides the international internship pilot program (IIPP) to attract global talents. Furthermore, we expect some of these interns will engage in advanced studies or start a career in Taiwan. Thus, IIPP could enrich the human resource of key scientific research fields in Taiwan.

2023 NSTC
International Internship Pilot Program in Taiwan
Host Unit

Interns will do their internship in Academic and Research Institutions in Taiwan.


Bachelors, masters and PhD students with foreign nationality who are studying in foreign colleges and universities and whose specialty meet the core strategic industries can apply.


Interns will receive 30,000 NTD subsidy monthly, 3 months at most.


The internship will start from July, 2023 to January, 2024, no later than 2024.03.30. The matching platform will launch in May, 2023.

*For those overseas students from the Southern Hemisphere, please feel free to start your internship program from July 2023 to January, 2024.